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The Gift of

Genevan psalmody

for today

Stephanie Martin directs Pax Christi Chorale singers to illustrate a lecture given by Calvin Seerveld which traces how Gregorian chant mutates via Savonarola's laude and Luther's geistliche Lieder into Genevan Psalm singing by God's people.

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Calvin Seerveld

  • 79 minutes
  • CD  
  • US $21 / Cdn $18
  • Europe 18 Euro
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for the

Fallen World

Germinal essays showing how imaginativity can invigorate daily life, including schooling, and why "allusivity" is key to artistry. The biblical charter for Christians making art is spelled out, and suggestions are given for working communally at a redemptive culture amid our brilliant, needy artworld.

Calvin Seerveld

  • 256 pp with 68 black/white illus. and 7 colour plates
  • hardcover and paperback  
  • 223 x 150 mm
  • 0-919071-09-0 / 2005 US$30 / Cdn $30
  • 0-919071-07-4 /2005 US$45 / Cdn $45


God's Psalms

Original, fresh translations of Older and New Testament biblical psalms, highlighting the rough and tender tenor of God's voice to us today.

Thematic and historical settings and singable versifications are given.

An accompanying CD features Seerveld reading the psalms, with select versifications skillfully rendered by solo recorder (Cal Stapert).

Calvin Seerveld

A William B. Eerdmans publication available by special permission to personal Canadian addresses.
  • xxiv-164 pp
  • paperback  
  • 229 x 1173 mm
  • with CD / 36 tracks (72:05 minutes)
  • 0-8028-2806-X / 2005
  • Cdn $29.00

How to Read the Bible
    to Hear God Speak

This study shows how Fundamentalist, Dogmatist, and Higher-critical Deconstructivists treat Numbers 22-24, and how readers in the line of the Reformation listen to what God is saying in these chapters for us today.

Calvin Seerveld

  • xiv-108 pp. with 8 black and white and 1 colour illustration and 1 song
  • paperback  
  • 223 x 150 mm
  • 0-919071-08-2  / 2003
  • US $15 / Cdn $15.00

In the Fields of the Lord

A Calvin Seerveld Reader

Diverse lectures and articles not available elsewhere on the topics of art, education, daily working life, philosophical matters, reading the bible.

 Edited by Craig Bartholomew

  • xi - 411 pp with 27 black and white illustrations and seven songs
  • large, hefty paper back
  • 229 x 145 mm
  • 0-919071-06-6 / 2000
  • US $35.00 / Cdn $35.00

 Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves

Alternative steps in understanding art

A key thinker and teacher of philosophical aesthetics encourages mature, bold christian engagement with the arts.

Calvin Seerveld

  • xiv - 205 pp with 71 black and white plates and a 16 page full color insert
  • large format paper back
  • 229 x 145 mm
  • 0-919071-05-8 / 2000
  • US $35.00 / Cdn $35.00

 Take Hold of God and Pull

Fresh words from Scripture for our lives today

As Jacob once wrestled with an angel at Jabbok and refused to let go until he had been blessed, Calvin Seerveld urges readers in this collection of probing meditations to wrestle in faith with the God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Ideal to dip into and return to again and again, these devotions will challenge your assumptions about God and the Christian life and encourage you to stretch towards God in faith.

Calvin Seerveld

  • xxi - 237 pp with 8 black and white photographs of art works
  • paper back
  • 195 x 130 mm
  • 0-85364-910-3 / 1999
  • US $20 / Cdn $20.00

 On Being Human

Imaging God in the Modern World

This is a book which promises to engage all of your senses while vividly illustrating what it really means to be human.

Through the use of scripture, stunning artworks, original songs and prayers, the author explores the miracle of being human, in the image of God.

 Calvin Seerveld

  • 104 pp with 15 black and white illustrations, and 11 songs
  • 210 x 137mm
  • paper back
  • 1-55011-068-3 /1988
  • US $7.00 / Cdn $7.00

 The Greatest Song

in critique of Solomon

Poignant translation from the Hebrew of the Song of Songs as a chorus of voices
A convincing look at this enigmatic book of the Bible treated as God's Word about erotic human love in the wisdom tradition

 Calvin Seerveld

Music by Ina Lohr
Woodcuts by Flip van der Burgt
Design by Sypko Bosch 
  • 107 pp with 8 black and white woodcuts, and musical score for voice and instruments
  • lovely large paper back or cloth edition
  • 225 x 225 mm
  • 0-919071-02-3 / 1988 US$15.00 / Cdn $15.00
  • 0-919071-03-1 / 1988 US$25.00 / Cdn $25.00


A Christian Critique of Art and Literature

 Basic lectures explaining how a person can treat art and literature so as to be redeeming one's time

(revised edition)

 Calvin Seerveld

  • xvii-150 pp with 20 black and white illustrations
  • paper back
  • 215 x 140 mm
  • 0-919071-04-X / 1995
  • US $15.00 / Cdn $15.00
Pictures of C. Seerveld interview

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The Breath of God

Calvin Seerveld and the Art of Bible translation

Discussion on how to put the original biblical languages into a current idiom so anybody today can hear God speak. Includes a Genevan melodic version and a Blues rendition of Psalm 92, also highlights of The Song of Songs as a chorus of voices.

Agitprop Films, Inc.

  • 50 minute video
  • US $20 / Cdn $20.00
  • Temporarily OUT of PRINT
Still from Greatest Song Video

Translating the Song of Songs

A brief look at preparing it, and a complete performance of the biblical Song of Songs as a chorus of voices through which God reveals the norm of faithful erotic love between a man and a woman threatened by old Solomon.

Agitprop Films, Inc.

  • 40 minute video
  • US $20 / Cdn $20.00
  • Temporarily OUT of PRINT

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